Home from 1956 to 1971 was No. 80 Watson Street Dundee
If it looks ready for demolition—it was. Shortly after this photograph was taken much of the view had disappeared.These were typical of tenements built for factory workers in Dundee's famous jute industry and despite being well built, were often allowed to go to ruin in advance of the great flourish of new building in the 1960's. Here they are on a wet Thursday afternoon sometime in the late 1960's.

My family was one of the last to leave and without stair or street lighting (the gas lamps had long ceased to work) it was rather a spooky place to live.The projecting roof at the end of the street belonged to the Ritz cinema.
However, the best thing about our flat was the tremendous view out over the factories and docks and the river Tay beyond. I never tired of looking through my gran's opera glasses at what was going on. Read on...

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