Seven cats 2018

Seven cat sculptures made for family members. Glazed black clay, coiled and pinched. Average size 220mm.

Lynn Stainer-Painters exhibition 2017

This painting has an interesting genesis. It was begun many years ago when I bought a photograph album in an antique shop. The photographs dated from the 1930's and there were many pictures of a family which included three sisters. I took the unknown sisters as models hoping to do a triple portrait. Other work intervened and I put the large painting aside where it stayed for years. Last autumn I brought it out again and recast the sisters as a circus act including a friend's fortune-telling goat.

RSA Open Exhibition 2016

My painting of Cove Harbour breakwater was purchased from the show. I was attracted by the strong shadow created by the early morning sun. This view is from a vantage point on the cliftop high above the harbour.

Wonderful frogs 2016

A friend commissioned this letter-cutting for the old stone edge of her frog pond. Each year in March the small pond is alive with the sound of croaking as the frogs get together closely followed by the delights of frog-spawn and tadpoles.

Exhibition at Paxton House 2015

These are a few pieces from my exhibition at the Hayloft Gallery at Paxton House, Berwickshire. The show includes paintings in oil and watercolour, drawings in pastel and pencil, and wood-engravings. The exhibition continues from August 22nd until September 11th, 2015. The gallery is open from 10am to 5pm, 7 days a week. I plan to be at the gallery day to day and will be working in a variety of media.

Group exhibition at Mellerstain House 2015

I have some work in an exhibition at Mellerstain House near Gordon, Berwickshire. This show is open for the entire summer season.